Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Historical and Celebrity Figures…

There are numerous reasonable responses to each question, but listed here are mine: 1. These sources are not especially dependable. None are. Authorities that cover anything from thorough expert biographies to rumours disagree on just whom is/was or perhaps isn’t/wasn’t, and now have concerning the track that is same for precision. Additionally there is a significant cross-pollination between list-makers. a listing that is erroneous arrive over and over again on other sources. 2. Maybe the acid test is: “which ones might have self-identified as homosexual, lesbian or bisexual?” The clear answer is “few.” Various cultures and differing times would are making the admission impossible for many, and absurd for other people. Usually the proof surrounding a solitary remark or a wondering juxtaposition of activities or individuals. Scarcely conclusive proof.

3. The balance that is gender of list reflects at the very least two facets. One is the sex associated with the compiler and also the types of sources utilized. 2nd could be the host to ladies in many communities and times, where celebrity or roles of historic noteworthness had been hard or impractical to attain.

4. There isn’t any point out such a listing. Known gays and lesbians don’t validate the presence of non-famous gays and lesbians. Centuries of closeted women and men likewise adds no cachet of legitimacy to today’s gents and ladies. The only point can be “curiousity”.

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The Sources

” The distinction that is strong homosexual and free adult web cams heterosexual, which many individuals now think about to be so essential, have not existed in every times and cultures. A few of the people right here wouldn’t normally have considered by themselves become homosexual, or lesbian, or bisexual — for all, that terminology failed to even occur. . The homosexual or bisexual orientation of all people here is more developed. For many, nonetheless, evidence is circumstantial, or according to rumor; . ” AA p. 142

“Using The support associated with researchers for the Advocate, . lists have already been put together associated with the leading feminine and male homosexuals from previous times to the current. Included, additionally, are celebrated people who have been . bisexual. In noting modern-day names we have actually restricted ourselves to all those who have established or publicly talked about their homosexuality.” BOL p. 336


“. Not everyone on this list has jumped up and said, “I’m QUEER!” but there has been documentation that they are supporters of lesbians/ bisexuals/gays” “Here, at last, is the list of names of living, notable or famou “out” individuals, in alphabetical purchase. . Please provide special because of Ellen Greenblatt in Buffalo, whom delivered probably the most edition that is recent ofFamous or Distinguished Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals: a listing of Names,” which she assisted get ready for the Gay & Lesbian Task Force associated with United states Library Association. .

” One crucial disclaimer: i will be depending on second-hand information. I prefer just that that we judge become dependable and also have made reasonable efforts to confirm those names included, however it is feasible that We inadvertantly might have identified some body as les/bi/gay who’s perhaps perhaps maybe perhaps not. I am sorry ahead of time if this is done, and certainly will retract any name that is such it belongs to a heterosexual. . A listing of some living, highly successful people who possess publicly recognized that they’re lesbian, homosexual or bisexual (at the time of October 1992)” MH

“Inspired because of the discussion that is recent of living out individuals in bit.listserv.gaynet, I’ve chose to upload my range of queer both women and men that I have painstakingly put together from various postings in gaynet and motss. “I applied for the doubtfuls, the speculations plus the did-it-once- but-I’m-het-now, audience as maybe perhaps not interesting.” TM