are you able to be “too old” for Grindr?Get Queerty constant

They state age is merely a number… until such time you reach a specific age.

A 2013 survey unearthed that 63% of homosexual guys on the age 60 were residing alone without any partner, meaning you can find large amount of solitary old daddies out there. However if a youth-obsessed tradition, finding love, and on occasion even simply intercourse, just isn’t always possible for them.

A 55-year-old man that is gay Reddit recently posted:

I will be an adult gay male. I recently don’t appear to easily fit in on Grindr. It’s my job to on talk to guys whom message me personally. I enjoy have intercourse and I would rather fulfill guys whom love intercourse aswell. Will there be an application for older homosexual male where dudes tend to be more just like me?

The responses start around beneficial to catty.

“Set the age filter to 34-96 (half your age plus 7 guideline) and you’ll get more hits,” one person indicates. “Jesus Christ.”

“Different apps have actually various audiences according to location,” another guy writes. “Grindr is for the 25 and below crowd. Scruff is mainly for everybody. Growlr has an increased portion of older homosexual dudes.”

You won’t fit in anywhere,” a third person says“If you’re only willing to talk to guys who are under 25 then. “That appears to be the scenario for 90% associated with the old guys on Grindr.”

To which some body replies that are else “I avoid young dudes on Grindr. During my area they have been either prostitutes or extremely immature and shallow.”

“Go on,” Another person suggest, “where a complete large amount of more youthful dudes are seeking older guys … or older dudes for contemporaries. If you’re in your 50s, your rivals are frequently dudes inside their 60s or 70s.”

Then there’s this bitchy small remark: “By not fitting in, do you suggest you’re not receiving hot dudes? You don’t choose to deliver pics? exactly What? With you, perhaps not the working platform. if you’re not receiving hot guys, that is a problem”

Solitary, older gents, we should hear from you. What apps and strategies do you really used to fulfill guys? Share your techniques into the remarks below…

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the joke into the homosexual community is “there are 2 many years 29 and old” Only it is certainly not that funny because our company is therefore youth obsessed and human body image is ridiculous


Grindr is certainly caused by twenty somethings. If an adult man is whining about any of it this means he’s probably youth obsessed and area of the issue. Those “only under 25” peter pan queens.


But he stated he desires an software for dudes a lot more like himself…

Bob LaBlah

Its unfortunate why these whiners didn’t look closely at their senior high school wellness instructors if they explained the way the human anatomy modifications since it grows older. A number of these whiners can’t accept like they once did and need to find something else to do with their lives other than online hookups that they no longer look. The math is straightforward: they will have found its way to a young mans world that does not want them on it. You won’t find ONE advertisement on any one of those site having a pouchy bellied man that is gray-haired a grey-haired man with a six-pac. Both kinds we all know occur. We don’t sell. Its exactly that simple. I quit looking a time that is long.

Then why not simply go to the bathhouse if you don’t want to pay for an escort if some one is that horny? There are occasions in life in which you need to accept the problem for just what it is. We’re older, set inside our means and originated from an era that is different. I believe its one thing become pleased with


“Is here an app for older gay male where dudes tend to be more as an older man wanting or preying on only younger men like me? ” Even after writing this in his post, people tended to stereotype him.


I simply hit 45 and now have never ever had more males under 30 hit on me personally (maybe not my thing but a fantastic praise) and hit me through to my scruff although it states I like males over 35. I acquired rid of Grindr years back as it ended up being too packed with males under 30, bitchy queens and treatment that is really awful of with HIV. The issue because of the apps (ok, there are numerous issues) but first off are individuals perhaps not being genuine or real within their pages and 2nd is the fact that individuals don’t use the time to read profiles.


I’m 50 and you are heard by me. I’m getting the daddy commentary. Utilized to offend me personally however now we think of it with enjoyment.

Grindr is exactly what it’s and whatever you just stated. Grindr and Jack’d are for the kids. You can get most of the nagging dilemmas you’ll find aided by the underneath 30 crowd. If you’re an older guy bitching about any of it then you’re almost certainly part of the problem too. As if you state. Either avoid it or remain and deal.


We suspect among the presssing problems at hand is the fact that many guys over 40 specify that they’re looking for somebody 18-29, which will be merely impractical unless their goal would be to help a golddigger.


Many is just a bit of a exaggeration but way too many are without a doubt.

Playing devils advocate though how will you cope with waking up in years and seeing your entire peers looking umm…old and decrepit? I am talking about it is nothing like your attraction changes for the. Like a 70 one thing just isn’t every one of sudden interested in 70 one thing dudes. Lets face it. The majority are programmed to be interested in the “prime” years.


But by that logic, Chris, does that mean preteens and teenagers who date will be programed become pedophiles?


ChrisK: not too, at the least in my situation. I’m 55 and my preferences have actually matured appropriate along side my years. It is not like I’m hot-to-trot for 70-year-olds, but We not any longer find twenty-somethings appealing in any way.

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