$100/hr recording session
(includes master and engineer)

Podcast Recording

Mobile Lab Studio has experience professionally recording podcasts

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Podcast Recording (In-house)
$40 per hour (Engineer incl.)

Podcast Recording (On-The-Go)
$60 per hour (Engineer incl.)

General Recording Services

$60 per hour (Engineer incl.)

Not all studio sessions require a producer. If you are looking to record and need a quality studio and experienced engineers to record your project, Mobile Lab Studio is the place.

We offer special deals for after-hour sessions and live band recordings. Contact us for more info on prices and package deals.

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Mixing is one of the best investments you can make for your album. A good mix allows for every instrument to be heard properly through speakers and in different listening environments.

At Mobile Lab Studio we offer radio ready mixes.

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Mixing prices will vary depending on the amount of tracks you have in the song.

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Mastering is the last step in the recording process.

We make sure the overall levels of the songs are evenly balanced from track to track, transitions from song to song have the right amount of gap time, and the equalization of the songs are correct for radio ready quality. We typically include mastering in the mixing process, but if you have a song already mixed and would like to have it mastered, we can help.

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Mobile Lab Studio offers more than just a studio to record at.

Working with a producer on your album will take the production to the next level. Bobby Lee has years of experience in the studio environment and is a true professional. He will make sure your project is recorded and produced to its maximum potential.

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Studio Policies, Terms & Conditions


We require a 50% non-refundable deposit in advance to guarantee the time slot you request. Without a deposit, if someone else wants the same time slot and offers a deposit, it will go to them. Deposits can be taken over the phone using a credit card, cashapp, apple pay, venmo and paypal.


Sessions are booked at the rates published by the studio (subject to change) unless other rates have been negotiated. There is a 2-hour minimum. Time will be billed in quarter-hour increments. Sessions that run longer than the original scheduled time will be booked at the published rate assuming the studio is available.


24 hours notice is required for the cancellation of a session. If a session is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice, will result in the loss of the deposit


All sessions are expected to begin on time. Please understand that we will bill clients from the beginning of their scheduled time regardless of what time they arrive.